Meet The Team

In August 2021, The Lonely Broomstick opened its doors to hundreds of avid fans of the Wizarding World, inviting them into a mesmerising & magical shop like you've never seen before.
The Lonely Broomstick was designed to be different, styled to look like a shop you could find on the wizarding street of Diagon Alley!
From the cloudy sky ceiling, magical beverages & Ollivander wands to the magical Pick & Mix sweet section & a unique Potion-Making Experience! 
We invite you to visit us here in Scotland & take in the beautiful sounds of the Harry Potter soundtrack as you walk around one of the most beautiful & magical shops in Scotland!

We call her the "Boss Witch", owner of The Lonely Broomstick & a proud Gryffindor!

Loyal House-Elf & Designer of everything magical, Leslie is a proud Ravenclaw!

The hardest working House-Elf at The Lonely Broomstick & official Barista of our famous magical beverages! Scott is a proud Hufflepuff!

Master of Potion-Making, official Potion Master of our School of Witchcraft & Potions Experience! Amanda is a proud Hufflepuff!

A witch full of mischief & loyal House-Elf, Catriona "Cat" is a proud Slytherin! Proof that not every Slytherin is bad!

Headmaster of The Lonely Broomstick & our most loyal customer! Lover of Coffee! You may get a glimpse as Bruno visits The Lonely Broomstick on a daily basis!