Sweets & Treats Collection Box

Sweets & Treats Collection Box

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All of our magical products are made by the amazing elves at The Lonely Broomstick, one of the most magical shops in all of Scotland!

Our exclusive sweets & treats here at The Lonely Broomstick are some of the best selling products in our magical shop, so we decided to put together this beautifully designed box that includes our most popular sweets & treats straight from the Wizarding World!

This box always changes, and a list of what's included at this time is below:

The Lonely Broomstick's Butterscotch Beer
Magical Chocolate Frog Jar
Beans of Every Flavour Jar
Sherbet Lemons Jar
Magical Ice Mice

Usual price if purchased individually is £24.95, with this box it's only £22.99!

All placed inside a beautiful Sweets & Treats box ready for gifting or enjoying for yourself padded with magical tissue paper!